First of all, Thank you Cherrylin for this communication. The Schedule of Activities seems so well organized.  I hope everyone on “Angie’s List” (there’s a business company with this name but what I mean is the list of FilCon emails which Angie Cabanban generated from Registration On Line) has received this Schedule. Note: If anyone thinks there are other names to be included, please inform Cherrylin; do not hit “Reply All” but email her directly to: (And if you must reply to my email, don’t hit “Reply All” but only hit “Reply” or email me directly

I am just concluding my trip here in Minnesota, thanking God for a very successful Southeast Asian Convocation but I am already excited for the FilCon Event on August 4-6. Due to our limited subsidy from Asiamerica Office, we did not really advertise this event outside of FilCon Network but it is amazing that we have a list of over 100 registrants. We ran out of hotel rooms so to those who booked their own hotels or staying with relatives and friends, thank you for your kind understanding. Considering that you have to spend for your airfares and registration, we are just amazed at the level of interest from you. The theme of this event is “On Board the Jesus Movement” and it seems that our share in the cruise line is full. 

We thank God for the Rev. Wilmer Toyoken and ACAM, the Rev. Brent Quines, Jr. and the Rev. Gerry Engnan, our EAM FilCon co-conveners for organizing, planning and coordinating this event. The EAM Ethnic Convocations are sort of “on-the-job-leadership-training opportunities for the Conveners” and it looks to me that Wilmer, Brent and Gerry—and Cherrylin—are doing excellent jobs. This is an historic event as both Filipino-American Episcopalians and Filipino-Canadian Anglicans come together. (Last year we had the EAM Japanese Convocation and ACAM).

 I am grateful for the presence and support of Bishop Diane Bruce of the Diocese of Los Angeles; she is always very supportive of the whole EAM and the New Community. Bishop Melissa Skelton, due to previous commitment, is unable to make it but she is very supportive of this event and sending her representative, The Ven. Philippa Segrave-Pride, Archdeacon of Burrard who will welcome us on behalf of the Diocese of New Westminster. Canon Bruce Woodcock of Asia-Pacific Partnership may also be able to attend depending on his arrival from Asia. Most of all we thank the clergy and faithful of St. Michael’s Anglican Multicultural Church for hosting us and for providing additional subsidy for meals.

 Please note that communications regarding this Event be directed either to Cherrylin through her email ( or through call/text to Wilmer (604) 780-2419 and Brent (626) 622-8207 or me (646-510-6918). As we are all engaged in Digital Evangelism, I suggest we use #EAM-ACAMJointFilipinoConvocation as our common hashtag. Any photo, reflection, or information you send on Facebook or Twitter on this Event shall bear this hashtag. Let us pray:

 O God, our heavenly Father, whose glory fills the whole creation, and whose presence we find wherever we go: preserve those who travel (especially the EAM Filipino Convocation traveling to and from Vancouver, Canada). Surround them with your loving care; protect them from every danger; and bring them in safety to their journey’s end; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (From BCP).

 May God bless you, your families, your churches and ministries. See you soon

The Rev. Canon Dr. Winfred Vergara
Missioner for Asiamerica Ministries
The Episcopal Church
(646)510-6918 Facebook: Fred Vergara (The Episcopal Church)

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