What’s ahead in 2017


The Asiamerica & Pacific Islanders Ministries Office (APIMO) “inspires, coordinates, empowers leadership and allocates resources with and among the seven (7) Asian & Pacific Islanders Ethnic Convocations in partnership with the Episcopal Asiamerica Ministries (EAM) Council and communicates their works to the wider Church and vice versa.”

The following Ethnic Convocational Gatherings are scheduled for 2017:

1. Chinese Convocation: February 20-22 at Cathedral Retreat Center, 840 Echo Park, Los Angeles (Contact the Rev. Merry Chan Ong, Email: revmerry@oursaviouroakland.org)

2. Japanese Convocation: June 17-19 in Cathedral Retreat Center, 840 Echo Park, Los Angeles (Contact Dr, Gayle Kawahara, Email: gnkscdds@sbcglobal.net)

3. Southeast Asian Convocation: July 28-29 in Holy Apostles’, St. Paul, Minnesota (Contact Ms. Hahn Tran, Email: quevn614@gmail.com)

4. Filipino Convocation jointly with ACAM (Anglican CanAsian Ministry):August 4-6 at St. Michael’s and All Angels, Vancouver, Canada. (Contact: Rev. Brent Quines, Jr., Email: brentsbp@yahoo.com)

5. Korean Convocation – TBA 6. South Asian Convocation- TBA 7. Pacific Islanders Convocation -TBA

There are also Pan-Ethnic Events sponsored by the Ethnic Ministries of the Episcopal Church:

June 12-15:  Why Serve Discernment for Young Adults of Color (Venue TBA)
July 19-22: New Community Clergy & Lay Conference, Camp Allen, Texas

Among Church-wide events highly recommended are:
(Check out www.episcopalchurch.org)   
April 19-20: Genesis Gathering for Church Planters/Developers   
July 10-15: Episcopal Youth Event (EYE) at the University of Central Oklahoma
Sept 23-24: Revival in Diocese of Georgia Nov. 17-19: Revival Diocese of San Joaquin

For more information about APIMO, contact: The Rev. Canon Dr. Winfred B. Vergara, Missioner (wvergara@episcopalchurch.org) . Other Facebook is FredVergara3.

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